Istakni se, osvoji posao 2

Grant: 942.208,33 kn
Implementation period: 14.5.2018-14.11.2020

Implementation: 30 months
Coordinator:  Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje – Područni ured Čakovec

Partners: Tehnološko-inovacijski centar Međimurje d.o.o., Razvojna agencija Grada Čakovca – ČAKRA, Udruga Zora, Pučko otvoreno učilište Čakovec.


„Istakni se osvoji posao 2“ is a sequel to its successful predecessor „Istakni se osvoji posao“. Its goal was to develop competences and skills of the unemployed, which would help them find employment. This was done through Employment Clubs. There are also additional activities, which are carried out with the goal of assisting the unemployed in finding work and improve their labour market status. The target groups are long-term unemployed people (youth and people older than 29), women and people older than 50, national minorities, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

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