LTT training for teachers in NEWS project

LTT training for teachers in NEWS project

Within the NEWS project (New Education With Success) we held a Transnational training to train the trainers who work with the adults. The training was held in Public open university
Čakovec, who was the host of the event. There were partners from five countries: Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany and Spain. This is the first such training in our institution in
adult education in which 25 trainers participated. The training included general methodology, language part, ICT and media education. Estonian partner (Kuressare Gimnasium) and
Lithuanian partner (Vilnius Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite Adult Education Center) held an ICT training, Slovaks (University of Žilina) held a general methodology part, Spaniards (Planeta
Ciencias) taught us about the importance of media education, and we together with the German partner (Volkshochschule Krempe e.V.) presented innovative ways in which
grammar and vocabulary can be taught within the foreign language education.

On our last day, we had a partner meeting where we discussed the future steps of the project and
Transnational training for experienced teachers which is planned to be held in Estonia in January 2022.

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