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Public Open University Čakovec is a city institution for lifelong learning. It implements a program of primary education for adults, secondary school education for adults (training, improvement, retraining), foreign language learning programs, training on the sustainable use of pesticides and various informal education programs. It implements programs adapted to the labor market and cooperates with many business entities, associations and units of local and regional administration and self-government, and implements various international projects.

The University’s work program is based on international cooperation as the foundation of the University’s development and progress.

The Public Open University Čakovec was founded in 1950 as the People’s University. Social events influenced the name change, so it was changed to Workers’ University, and in 1989 to Open University, a cultural enterprise. In 1997, it became the Public Open University Čakovec. Today, it is an andragogic institution that acts as a lifelong learning center in Međimurje County. The school is a public institution founded by the local self-government unit, i.e., the City of Čakovec. Working units within the People’s University were: Culture Center, Library and Reading Room, Museum of Međimurje Čakovec, Primary Music School and Education Center. As the units developed, they separated from the People’s University and operate independently. Only adult education remains, and it still exists today.

With its programs, the Public Open University has always followed the development course of social processes with the aim of solving the needs of our community, thus contributing to its own development. In the time of facing new opportunities and challenges based on market orientation, only creative and intensive work could contribute to the good business of this institution. Changes in the economy and the overall socio-political system require significant changes in the structure of knowledge and education of working people and young people, and some programs have undergone modification or have completely disappeared, and new ones had to be created. This fact shows that the institution must not be sluggish, but dynamic in constantly researching the needs of our environment and creating new programs.

The University opens its doors to all those who need new knowledge, skills and abilities.


By developing and implementing innovative education programs that are adapted to the requirements of the labor market, we enable our users to gain advantages when hiring and advance in existing jobs, thereby contributing to the intellectual, social and general development of the environment in which we operate.


Public Open University Čakovec is the leading andragogic educational institution of northern Croatia, which in cooperation with the real, public, civil sector and international cooperation contributes to the creation of a society of knowledge.

Accordingly, the main goals aimed at realizing the vision of the University are:

  • to establish itself as a center of excellence in the field of adult education and lifelong learning in Međimurje County and beyond
  • to promote the value of knowledge (education and training) in professions that are in short supply on the labor market – Center of Competences for Lifelong Learning
  • to raise levels of awareness of the importance of lifelong learning through the organization of educational activities, campaigns, etc.
  • to continuously adapt to the conditions and needs of the labor market and the personal aspirations of individuals
  • to work on raising the quality of the program and increasing the number of users
  • to write and implement projects and programs (co)financed by EU funds
  • to implement projects and programs to raise the level of quality of services provided
  • to direct activity to new target groups
  • to raise literacy levels with an emphasis on national minorities
  • to increase the interest of national minorities in primary school education and encourage the continuation of education
  • to professional training and education of staff participating in the implementation of the program
  • to follow trends and create better and more modern material and non-material working conditions

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