Public Open University Čakovec

Public Open University Čakovec is a public adult education institution and one of the leading adult education institutions in the Republic of Croatia. It is a member of the Croatian Association for the Education of Adults seated in Zagreb.

It was founded in 1950 as Workers’ University, which was followed by a merger with People’s University in 1960. In 1989 it was renamed into Open University and finally in 1997 it became what it is today, Public Open University Čakovec, a public institution under the jurisdiction of the City of Čakovec.

People’s University had several departments, which included the Cultural Centre, the Library, Međimurje County Museum, the Elementary Music School and the Education Centre. As the departments developed, they separated from the University and are autonomous even today. People’s University redirected towards adult education, which remains its specialty to this day.

This lifelong learning centre has always evolved to meet the demands of our society. It remains a dynamic setting open to changes as well as social and economic influences dictating program structure and development. It welcomes everybody with a need for new knowledge and skills and the numerous available experts ensure the best possible education.

POU Čakovec is located at Ulica kralja Tomislava 52, Čakovec, Croatia