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Local initiatives to encourage employment – phase III

Intermediary body level 1
  • Ministarstvo rada, mirovinskoga sustava, obitelji i socijalne politike
Intermediary body level 2
  • Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje


Project value


Project duration

14.5.2018. – 14.11.2020.

Lead partner
  • Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje – Područni ured Čakovec
  • Pučko otvoreno učilište Čakovec
  • Tehnološko-inovacijski centar Međimurje d.o.o.
  • Razvojna agencija Grada Čakovca – ČAKRA
  • Udruga Zora


The project is aimed at raising the competences and job-seeking skills of unemployed people from Međimurje County through Employment Clubs. The purpose of the clubs is to provide individualized support to unemployed people, and it functions according to the principle of intensive work and the approach that there is a job for every participant. Project activities: implementation of education under the leadership of the head of the Employment Club and project partners for the development of transversal skills needed in the labor market; support before/after the end of the program, which will consist of initial/advanced IT workshops, PCM, meetings with employers through speeddating, thematic lectures and conversational English and German language courses; creation of action plans – overcoming obstacles to employment, awareness of one’s own potential. The goal of the project is to improve the competencies and job-seeking skills of unemployed members of vulnerable groups in Međimurje County. The project plans to involve 100 people through the work of employment clubs with the aim of overcoming obstacles to employment; involving at least 70 people in additional activities to strengthen competencies and skills (initial/advanced IT workshops, PCM, meetings with employers through speeddating, thematic lectures) and involving 40 people in English and German conversational courses. Prepared program for club leaders and the work of employment clubs, digital competence program, support program in communication with employers, conversation program in a foreign language and action plans for participants.

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