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EU Projects & POU Čakovec

With more than 60 years of experience in adult education, Public Open University Čakovec continuously focuses on the needs and challenges of the local community, adapting its programs in accordance with the dynamics of the labor market. In the last decade, we have recognized the immense value of participation in projects (co)financed by the European Union. These projects not only enable free education for our citizens through grants, but also strengthen institutional capacities, encourage innovation and enable long-term cooperation with partners, employers and other educational institutions. Through this engagement, we not only improve the quality and availability of our educational services, but also actively participate in the development of our staff’s professional competencies and create an environment that is suitable for testing and implementing innovative educational practices.

Erasmus+ Projects

Through Erasmus+ KA2 projects, the Public Open University Čakovec promotes innovation and the exchange of best practices in adult education at the European level.

ESF Projects

Through projects financed from the European Social Fund, we work to strengthen social cohesion and employability in the local community.

Additional information & Call for cooperation

If you are interested in cooperation on future projects, feel free to contact us at We are always open to innovative partners and new opportunities for cooperation.

Partner Network

Our wide network of partners includes educational institutions, local organizations and international actors, with whom we work together to achieve educational and social goals.

Erasmus+ Accreditation

Being awarded Erasmus+ in the field of adult education, POU Čakovec has become part of the prestigious European educational community, opening the door to international cooperation, innovations and opportunities for our learners and staff.

POU Courses

Our Erasmus+ KA1 courses are based on our rich expertise, many years of experience and professional knowledge, with the aim of providing high-quality professional development for staff from other educational organizations.


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