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PIF form

If you are interested in cooperation and joint projects with the Public Open University Čakovec, you can use our PIF form, i.e. Partner Identification Form. This document contains all the essential information about our college, including our professional abilities, previous projects and areas in which we are active. The PIF form serves us as a basis for evaluating and establishing possible partnerships, and helps us quickly and efficiently identify areas in which we can cooperate. By studying our PIF form, interested organizations can familiarize themselves in detail with our capacities and expertise, which facilitates the selection and establishment of partnerships in accordance with our strategic goals and mission.

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OID E10168511
PIC 944251545
Full legal name (national language) Pučko otvoreno učilište Čakovec
Full legal name (in English) Public Open University Čakovec
Acronym POU Čakovec
Address Kralja Tomislava 52
Post Code 40 000
City Čakovec
Country Croatia
Telephone +385 40 395 236



Is the organisation a public body? No
Is the organisation Yes
Type of Organisation Educational centre – Adult education



Please briefly present the partner organisation.
Public Open University Čakovec is an established adult education institution founded in 1955 by the city of Čakovec. As a member of the adult education community within The Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the university has continuously evolved its programming to meet the developing educational needs of society.


The institution provides learning opportunities across several key areas:




– Adult Vocational Education: The university offers career-oriented programs for adults seeking to gain skills and improve employability. In collaboration with the Croatian Employment Service, courses are provided in deficit occupations including accounting, caregiving, agriculture, culinary arts, construction trades, retail services, and information technology. These develop human capital and support labour market competitiveness.


– Adult Education: General programs are available for professional development and advancement. Offerings include IT training in software applications, programming, and digital media, as well as accounting, caregiving, hospitality, and languages, from general and business language courses to conversational language courses.


– Primary Adult Education: A focus is placed on serving vulnerable and marginalized groups, particularly ethnic minority and disabled populations. Significant outcomes have been achieved in primary education for the Roma community by including them in vocational initiatives. Local Roma are engaged as learners and as partners in our projects. Some past inclusive projects have addressed secondary school completion, learning difficulties, and early childhood literacy.


– Language Courses: Accredited general, business, and foreign language courses are offered in English, German, Italian, French, and Croatian. Instruction is customized for individual or group needs.




– Language Courses: Programs for all ages with flexible formats.

– ICT Workshops for Beginners

– Art, Sewing, Photography, and Gastronomy Workshops


In summary, Public Open University Čakovec provides a diverse range of formal and informal educational programs tailored to the needs of adult learners at all levels. A particular focus is placed on inclusion and development of marginalized groups.


What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this application?
As an adult education institution, Public Open University Čakovec has continually aligned programming with the evolving needs of adult learners and current labour market trends. Formal vocational courses are provided to expand skills and employability. Complementary non-formal workshops are offered in arts, languages, and technology to engage senior citizens and members of other vulnerable groups such as the Roma and unemployed, fostering social inclusion and preventing marginalization.


Relevant experience includes implementing the “ISKRA” project in collaboration with partner institutions. This initiative utilized art workshops to develop creativity and improve social engagement among adults 55+. As partners in the ESF “Istakni se, osvoji posao 2” project with the Croatian Employment Service, we strengthened competences and enhanced employability for unemployed participants through conversational language courses in German and English. Additional background is available regarding the organization’s participation in diverse EU-funded projects on our website:


Significantly, Public Open University Čakovec has recently obtained 2023 Erasmus+ accreditation in the field of adult education, affirming our capacity in this domain.


Our substantial experience in providing targeted programming for adult learners of all ages and backgrounds demonstrates our capability to contribute meaningfully as partners for Erasmus+ initiatives.


What are the skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved in this application?

The experienced staff bring comprehensive expertise in teaching, program administration, project implementation, and student empowerment within adult and inclusive education. This equips the team to deliver impactful outcomes through the proposed Erasmus+ project.


Mario Zamuda

brings substantial leadership experience as Principal, overseeing all aspects of institutional management, teaching, program development, finances, and external partnerships. His expertise includes:

– Extensive background in adult education administration, curriculum design, and instruction.

– Lead coordinator for adult vocational education initiatives.

– Manages relationships with national agencies and the Ministry of Science and Education.

– Spearheaded numerous Erasmus+ projects from development through implementation.

– Ongoing training in areas such as EU project management, training methodologies, and evaluation protocols.

– Long-term experience as Adult Education Manager and Language School Manager.

– External evaluator and lecturer on adult education best practices.


Andrea Štefić

contributes broad teaching expertise along with program management skills as Language School Managing Director. Her background encompasses:

– Classroom experience teaching English to diverse age groups from preschool to adult.

– Counseling young adults with special needs.

– Workshop development and facilitation.

– Coordinating multiple Erasmus+ projects.

– Passion for innovative educational methods and inclusion.


Marta Mikac,

a project manager, brings pedagogical knowledge as an experienced school counselor coupled with English language teaching. She has:

– Designed and led professional development workshops focused on new methodologies.

– Volunteered in special needs classrooms.

– Taught English learners ranging from preschool to adult.

– Managed language-based Erasmus+ initiatives.

– Strong interest in evolving teaching practices and adult education.


Ivica Jeđud,

a project manager, contributes pedagogical expertise guiding vulnerable student inclusion and empowerment. His skills include:

– Background as a pedagogical advisor in diverse educational settings.

– Implemented inclusive practices and diversity promotion.

– Managed Erasmus+ and ESF projects centred on empowerment and social inclusion.

– Engages actively with NGOs and associations.

– Proficient in digital content creation.


Darja Spahija

provides vital administrative support across all projects and programs:

– Oversees documentation, finances, and daily operations.

– Expertly handles client interactions and correspondence.

– Ensures smooth institutional function and coordination.




Title Mr.
Position Principal
First Name Mario
Last Name Zamuda
Telephone +385 40 395 236



Title Mrs.
Position Language school managing director / English language teacher
First Name Andrea
Last Name Štefić
Telephone +385 40 396 716


Granted EU Projects

EU Programme Year Project Title Contract Number Applicant / Partner
Erasmus+ KA210 2023 – 2025 Raising Awareness for a Greener Tomorrow 2023-1-HR01-KA210-ADU-000155794 Partner
Erasmus+ KA120 2023 – 2027 Erasmus+ Accreditation in the field of Adult Education (2023 – 2027) 2022-1-HR01-KA120-ADU-000111011 Applicant
ESF 2022 – 2023 IKT Cloud-IO UP. Partner
ESF 2022 – 2023 Pouči me! (Teach me!) UP. Partner
Erasmus+ KA220 2022 – 2024 Adult Education Addressing Today’s Challenges 2022-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000089906 Partner
Erasmus+ KA210 2022 – 2024 Build Quality, Ensure Success 2021-2-SI01-KA210-ADU-000048077 Partner
Erasmus+ KA210 2022 – 2023 Developing the Cultural Capital of Roma Students 2021-2-SI01-KA210-SCH-000050241 Partner
Erasmus+ KA210 2022 – 2023 Recycling of Waste with Handicrafts 2021-1-TR01-KA210-ADU-000034997 Partner
Erasmus+ KA210 2021 – 2023 Bringing the European Dimension Closer to Remote Rural Areas 2021-1-SI01-KA210-ADU-000035010 Partner
Erasmus+ KA210 2021 – 2023 Higher Education for Roma 2021-1-SI01-KA210-VET-000032917 Partner
ESF 2021 – 2022 Pikač UŽIVO (Pikač ONLINE) UP. Partner
Erasmus+ KA220 2021 – 2024 Help to Opportunities 2021-1-SI01-KA220-ADU-000033626 Partner
Erasmus+ KA220 2022 – 2024 EmpowHERment LAB 2021-1-HR01-KA220-ADU-000029700 Applicant
Erasmus+ KA227 2021 – 2023 Creative at Home 2020-1-PL01-KA227-ADU-095748 Partner
Erasmus+ KA226 2021 – 2023 Developing Digital Competence of Roma Children 2020-1-SI01-KA226-SCH-093610 Partner
Erasmus+ KA122 2021 – 2022 Raising Competences: Better Teachers – Better Education 2021-1-HR01-KA122-ADU-000018257 Applicant
Erasmus+ KA204 2020 – 2023 Common Framework for Adult Education Providers to Support Engagement for Learners with SpLDs 2020-1-SI01-KA204-075962 Partner
Erasmus+ KA204 2019 – 2022 New Education with Success 2019-1-EE01-KA204-051675 Partner
Erasmus+ KA204 2019 – 2022 New Chance for Us 2019-1-HR01-KA204-060807 Applicant
ESF 2019 – 2021 Gastroturisteduca – Improving access to vulnerable groups in the tourism and hospitality sector on the labor market of Međimurje and Zadar counties through gastronomic and tourism education UP. Applicant
ESF 2018 – 2020 Istakni se, osvoji posao 2 (Stand out and get the job 2) UP. Partner
ESF 2018 – 2019 ISKRA – Experience of Creative Activities UP. Partner
ESF 2018 – 2019 Prvi sam izbor na tržištu rada – obrazovan, kompetentan i lako zapošljiv (I am the first choice on the labor market – educated, competent and easily employable) UP. Applicant
Erasmus+ KA204 2016 – 2019 Give Them a Chance 2016-1-SI01-KA204-021624 Partner

Partner network

Our wide network of partners includes educational institutions, local organizations and international actors, with whom we work together to achieve educational and social goals.

Erasmus+ accreditation

We have Erasmus+ accreditation in the field of adult education, which enables us to continue cooperation and exchange with European partners at a high quality standard.

POU Courses

We offer Erasmus+ KA1 courses based on our rich expertise, long-term experience and professional knowledge, with the aim of providing high-quality professional development for staff from other educational organizations.

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