ICT Cloud-io

ICT Cloud-io

Project: ICT Cloud-io

Program: Strengthening the capacitry of CSOs to respond to the needs of the local community (ESF project)

Project ref. number: UP.

Implementation period: 19.4.2022. – 19.4.2023.

Project value: 494.057,98 HRK

Coordinator and partners:

Udruga turističkih vodiča “Međimurski vodiči” (Coordinator)

Zaštitarsko-ekološka udruga “Senjar” (Partner)

Pučko Otvoreno Učilište Čakovec (Partner)

Udruga slijepih Međimurske županije (Partner)

Udruga osoba s intelektualnim teškoćama Međimurske županije (Partner)

Project goal: The project increases the capacity of 4 CSOs in the field of tourism, environmental protection and social activities. Cooperation with the educational institution affects the increase of capacities in the areas of financial management, use of necessary IT tools and communication with vulnerable groups. The introduction of CRM / DMS / Cloud systems will improve the business of CSOs by using new ICT solutions. Through 2 new volunteer programs, partners will gain management skills that build capacity for future volunteer actions.