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Croatian Language Exam for Foreigners Applying for Permanent Residence in the Republic of Croatia

Pučko otvoreno učilište Čakovec is an accredited institution by the Ministry of Education and Science to organize assessment of the Croatian language and Latin script for candidates who need a certificate of proficiency in Croatian in order to obtain a residence permit. The exam complies with the Regulation Rulebook (NN 100 / 2021). The exam lasts 90 minutes and the oral part is carried out as an interview with the examining board.

The exam fee is 200,00 EUR / 1506,90 HRK.

Fixed conversion rate of 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

Exam dates are arranged individually on a candidate’s request at least 7 days prior to the exam date.

Exam applications are throughout the year.

To register for the exam, candidates must present a valid document (passport or ID card).

The candidate must have a minimum of 60% of correct answers in each exam part in order to pass the exam.

After passing the exam, the candidate will be issued a certificate in order to obtain permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia.

Exam structure

  1. listening comprehension
  2. reading comprehension
  3. knowledge of grammatical structures and vocabulary
  4. writing
  5. speaking

1-4 are the written parts of the exam. The oral part of the exam (part 5 – speaking) consists of testing a candidate’s speaking production skills and speaking interaction skills.

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