Getting ready for the exam
Mandatory subjects at higher (A) or elementary (B) level
  • Mathematics
  • Croatian language
  • English language
  • German language


The programme is based on the state matura exam catalogue. We focus on the types of exercices found in the state mautura exam. This has proven to be a valid method for getting the best results at state matura exam.

  • Higher level – 60 hours
  • Elementary level – 45 hours


Getting ready for the state exam from any of the mandatory languages encompasses mock essay writing as well. During the course of the lessons, at least three essays are written, which are then graded according to the state matura guidelines. Each student is given detailed analysis of the essays with recommendations for further development.

Croatian language and the essay

At the state matura exam you will get an essay question related to the three types of essays written during your sechondary education. Regardless of the type of the assignment, you will get a literary text (prose, drama or poem) from the exam list.

After completing our preparatory course, you will be able to complete the essay at the state matura exam without problems. Besides preparing for the essay, the students will also revise complete literature and grammar necessary for the state matura exam.

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