Elementary adult education

Croatian Government and the Ministry of Science and Education launced a project “For a Literate Croatia: The Way to a Desirable Future” in 2003. The aim of the project is to enable adults without a finished elementary education to finish primary school for free and to get vocational training.

After finishing elementary education, you can obtain further qualifications at our institution.

The education lasts for 18 weeks per cycle/grade. Students can finish two educational cycles or grades per school year.

Elementary adult education is devided into VI. educational cycles. The first and second grade fall into the category of the first educational cycle. Grades three and four are in the second educational cycle and grades 5 to 8 fall into the categories from third to sixth educational cycle respectively. The students enrol into grades/cycles based on the previously finished grade.

Elementary adult education is considered finished when students pass all the test in the sixth educational cycle (eighth grade).

Enrollement requirements:
  • age limit: 15
  • school report
  • citizenship certificate
  • birth certificate
  • identity card
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