About state matura

What is state matura?

State matura is a compulsory written exam for students of grammar schools. The goal is to assess students’ knowledge, skills and abilities at the end of their sechondary education.

The results are obtained based on a standardized test administered under supervision of independent parties. The grades are comparable on a state level and enable a fair access to higher education for all students taking the exam.

Who takes state matura?

It is mandatory for grammar school students and optional for vocational school students since school year 2009/2010.

State matura for students who finished secondary education prior to 2010.

Candidates who finished their secondary education prior to 2010 and are less than 24 years ols can also take the state matura exam, both in mandatory and elective subjects. These candidates take the tests required for enrolling into universities. They can apply to universities even without taking the state matura exam, but in that case they rely on their grades to enrol into desired universities.

Candidates older than 24 have to check at the desired universities whether there are special enrollement conditions or quotas. If not, the same rules apply as for students under the age of 24.

State matura for students who finished secondary education abroad

Candidates who finished secondary four- year programmes abroad can apply to universities in Croatia if there is an external evaluation system of secondary education in the countries where they finished secondary education.

Candidates from countries that don’t have external evaluation system of secondary education have to take exams at the desired universities in Croatia, the results of which are used to rank candidates.

Who conducts state matura?

State matura differs from final exams conducted by secondary schools, because it is conducted by a completely independent party, National Centre for External Evaluation of Education.

National Centre for External Evaluation of Education conducts external evaluations of educational system in Croatia and is responsible for organizing and conducting national and state matura exams.

Timeframe and procedure

State matura in Croatia is conducted on the same day, at the same time and under the same conditions and criteria for all students.
It consists of mandatory and elective parts. Mandatory subjects can be taken at elementary (B) or higher (A) levels. There are three mandatory subjects while students can take exams from any number of elective subjects.

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