Mission – By developing and conducting innovative educational programs that are adapted to the requirements of the labor market, we enable our beneficiaries to gain benefits in employment and advancement in existing jobs and thus contribute to intellectual, social and general development of the environment in which we operate.

Vision – Public open university Čakovec will be the leading andragogical educational institution in northern Croatia, which in cooperation with the real, public, civil sector and international cooperation contributes to the creation of a society of knowledge.

Accordingly, the basic goals directed at achieving the University’s vision:

  • to establish itself as a centre of excellence in the field of adult education and lifelong learning in the area of Međimurje County and beyond
  • to promote the values of knowledge (education and training) in occupations that are deficient in the labour market – Competences Centre for Lifelong Learning
  • to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong learning through the organization of educational activities, campaigns, etc.
  • to continuously adapt to the conditions and needs of the labour market as well as the personal aspirations of individuals
  • to work on raising the quality of the programme and increasing the number of its users
  • to develop and implement projects and programmes co-financed by EU funds
  • to implement projects and programmes to raise the level of quality of services provided
  • to direct the activity towards new target groups
  • to raise literacy levels with an emphasis on national minorities
  • to increase the interest of national minorities in primary education and encourage their further education
  • to professionally improve and educate the staff that participates in the implementation of the program
  • to follow trends and create better and more modern tangible and intangible working conditions